Are modular homes the solution to the housing crisis?

The UK urgently needs more homes for families and individuals. The government has launched a white paper, an excerpt of which we have outlined here. So how do we solve the housing crisis?

The starting point is to build more homes. This will slow
the rise in housing costs so that more ordinary working
families can afford to buy a home and it will also bring
the cost of renting down.
We need to build many more houses, of the type
people want to live in, in the places they want to live.
To do so requires a comprehensive approach that
tackles failure at every point in the system.

First, we need more land for homes where people
want to live. All areas need a plan to deal with the
housing pressures they face and communities need
a say in the homes that are built. We will require all
areas to have up-to-date plans in place and ensure
that communities are comfortable with how new
homes look.

beautiful place to live in the UK
Land to build new homes

Second, we need to ensure that homes are built
quickly once planning permissions are granted.
We will invest in making the planning system more
open and accessible, improve the co-ordination of
public investment in infrastructure, support timely
connections to utilities, and tackle unnecessary delays.
We’re giving councils and developers the tools they
need to build more swiftly.

getting the plans drawn up
planning for homes

Third, we will diversify the housing market, opening
it up to smaller builders and those who embrace
innovative and efficient methods. We will encourage
housing associations and local authorities to build
more, and we will work to attract new investors into
residential development including homes for rent.
Finally, because building the homes we need will take
time, we will also take more steps to continue helping
people now, including by improving safeguards in
the private rented sector, and doing more to prevent
homelessness and to help households currently priced
out of the market.

fabricated steel module
Steel module prior to fitting out

One innovation is to utilize prefabricated buildings which offer a fast, cost effective solution. House modules can be built in factory conditions and installed quickly onto prepared land, connected to services and ready for people to move in.

Modules include insulation, electrical services, furniture and fittings from bathrooms to bedrooms, kitchen and lounges. Rooms can be added to accommodate larger families or built as single user homes. Exterior finishes to suit local environments are readily available.

Modular house building is fast, costs effective and as they are built under controlled conditions, the quality is consistent.

Spatial Places offer a design, fabrication and installation service here in the UK providing homes and buildings for everyone and everything.